The Powerless Runner

Should I make this my new logo?

Okay, time to put another X on the calender because my house is still off the grid. We are slightly encouraged to see that a traffic light on one of the outlet roads is finally working. Rumor has it that a couple of of neighborhood streets got power yesterday. It’s been eleven days with no power to our house and no communication from LIPA. Governor Cuomo is suitably angry about the situation, but in his press conference yesterday, he made it seem like the solution was out of his hands.

The disruptions caused by temporary living quarters, 2+ hour commutes standing in a packed LIRR train and other stressful forces have cut into my already too short sleep cycle. I went to bed intending to do a treadmill run this morning, but I decided to forgo it when I woke up. This isn’t the first step towards the slippery slope of skipping morning workouts however. Power or not, I’ll be doing my first weekend long run tomorrow. Where I’ll be doing it will be determined by LIPA.

2 thoughts on “The Powerless Runner

  1. Bill M.

    Ugh, I'm so sorry. I understand this is an unprecedented storm but it seems like this happens every storm (not just NY, here in MA too). These utilities feel like they can operate with impunity and so they never properly prepare for these things.Props to you for not giving up on your running regimen!


  2. Hi Bill – The past two weeks makes it easy to imagine life in the Soviet Union in the 1970's. Significant supply and infrastructure issues and nothing but bureaucratic stasis in terms of improving quality of life.I'm hoping for some perestroika on LI soon!


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