LIPA’s failure has ruined my motivation to run


Yesterday’s promise by LIPA that they’d reach 90% restoration of power for Long Island customers has been broken. We remain without electricity for the tenth consecutive day. The Nor’easter that came through yesterday was bigger than I expected, and it surely impacted LIPA’s ability to meet its service target. Still, for all those affected, it’s cold comfort to see @LIPAnews brag about its thousands of deployed workers while providing a completely useless outage map and no information about crews or restoration times. 

After an almost three hour commute home last night and facing even worse conditions in the morning, I decided to forgo my workout today. Between the weather, the loss of electrical power, storm damage and a significant scarcity of gasoline, Long Island living is not too great right now. At least the storm is moving out. Perhaps a miracle will happen and our power will return today. That could happen, but something tells me I’ll be putting another X on the calendar tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “LIPA’s failure has ruined my motivation to run

  1. carla

    i think lots of local runners have lost motivation between sandy, the nyc marathon cancellation, and the snowstorm. haven't seen anyone on the roads since sunday! hope all goes back to normal for you soon.


  2. Thanks both for your kind words.Carla – do you happen to know whether the Long Beach 10K Turkey Trot will be run? The site doesn't say cancelled but I cannot imagine that they will hold it. Like the NYC marathon, it probably wouldn't be appropriate, though it could be an opportunity to raise addition funds for the victims.


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