Emerging Runner Vlog #1 – Being Cheap Pays Off

Hey Emerging Runner readers. For a change of pace, I’m vlogging instead of blogging this post which is about my recent experience getting and using a rowing machine. Running will always be my primary workout, but I’ve been thinking of ways to supplement my routine and put more attention to areas that don’t benefit from daily runs. I’ll see how this works out and what kind of a response I get. Please forgive the low production values. I promise to upgrade my camera and editing software if vlogging becomes a regular thing.

4 thoughts on “Emerging Runner Vlog #1 – Being Cheap Pays Off

  1. I'm glad you liked it. I've already started working on Episode 2: Attack of the HR Zones. I'm actually not doing that.I plan to feature the Runsketeers in one episode so start thinking of your \”Real Housewives of the Bethpage Trail\” tagline.


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