Last NYC run with AG, at least until August

Yesterday’s run (Central Park): 3.19 miles at 8:41

Today’s run (Stillwell Woods): 4.1 miles at 10:03 

I didn’t think I’d be able to do my weekly NYC run on Friday but by 5:00 PM I had finished everything I’d wanted to get done this week. Adventure Girl will only be in the office one more week before she heads for the west coast for the summer. Since I’m traveling much of next week we figured we’d get in one more run before she leaves. We headed up to the park as fast as we could because my window of running was limited. We decided to run about 3 miles by following the east side of the lower loop to the upper loop, across the Great Lawn to the north and then back down to where we’d start. We wore our Sauconys, Grid Tangent 4’s for me and AG wore her new Kinvaras. Those light shoes helped us move along at the fastest pace we’d ever run together, despite the hills we encountered both up and down our route. We ended our run at 5:44 PM and I needed to get back to the office in time to change and leave with enough time to make my train. We arrived at our building at 5:58 PM and I knew I was in trouble, but AG suggested I just commute home in my running clothes. Despite my extremely sweaty condition I agreed and made my way to the train, making it just in time. It was a exciting way to end what will be our last run together for many months. I’ll miss these runs but I’m excited that AG will be running some awesome trails in the northwestern states this summer.

Perhaps as a nod to that I headed over to Stillwell Woods this morning for trail run. It’s been a while since I spent time in the interior of the preserve and I followed a route that is opposite of my usual approach. My plan was to move along but not push it too hard. The many inclines would provide plenty of challenge without worrying about speed. The mountain bikers were out in force. I encountered quite a few riders, all of whom were extremely polite and courteous about sharing the trails with a runner. Along the way I navigated through the Snake Pit, the curiously named but difficult Little Pink Bicycle Path, the Ewok Forest and the UH OH trail. I was plenty tired and 4 miles was tough going but I was distracted by the birds and other animals making such a racket that I actually laughed. So much for the serenity of nature. I’m probably going to run in my neighborhood tomorrow and focus more about miles than speed. So far, counting Friday, it’s been a great weekend of running.

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