Weekend ending run in the Brooks GTS 10’s

Brooks GTS 10

Today’s run (street): 5.44 miles at 9:11 per mile

It’s been a good week for running and today was no different. After yesterday’s trail run at Stillwell Woods I was ready to return to the street and spend some time in the neighborhood. I’ve felt tired over the past few days so I planned to take it easy today and do my distance at a reasonable pace. After running in the Saucony’s on my the last few outings I returned to my Brooks GTS 10’s that provide a more cushioned ride. That’s no dig on the Grid Tangent 4’s which are still extremely comfortable (and fast) or the Kinvaras that are minimally designed shoes that trade some cushioning for far less weight. Each pair of shoes I own has a specific purpose and I cycle through them all.

I set out for a quick loop around the northeast part of the neighborhood before heading south toward neighborhood #3 that’s adjacent to the industrial park. Upon reaching the park I did the main loop to get in some hill work. It’s not a steep incline but it goes on for a while before rewarding the runner with a nice downhill segment. Coming out of the park, I turned left into neighborhood #3 and ran through those streets before I headed back to my neighborhood to complete my 5.4 mile route. I didn’t push hard throughout the run but I threw in a few speedy tempos that helped me maintain an overall pace that was closer to nine minutes than 9:30. The Brooks are great shoes because they are so comfortable and stable while still providing an energetic response. I’ve had some slight knee soreness and every time I run with the Brooks my knee feels a little better. I had the same experience with the GTS 9’s. Brooks makes great shoes. I’m going to rest tomorrow since it’s going to be a day of meetings and travel. I’ll resume my running on Tuesday morning when I return to Cambridge for my Memorial Drive run.

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