Our common interest

One great thing about blogging about running is that there’s always something new to say. There’s definitely a symbiotic relationship between my daily workouts and my daily posts. One inspires the other. This journal started as way to capture my singular experience as I returned to running but I have discovered that many other people relate as well to the site. I recently checked my traffic and saw that the Emerging Runner has gained readers in 54 countries and it has seen thousands of visits and page views since I started in mid November. The parallel site on the Runner’s World Loop is active as well but there is no way (that I know of) to check that traffic volume. It’s not the volume that’s important as much as the fact that a community can be created through a device like a blog. I have learned a lot from hearing from others in terms of workout programs, expectations, technologies and gear.

I have no goals for the Emerging Runner other than to keep the conversation going. I would like to represent other views as well. If you have a good story to share about running, dealing with injuries, favorite running gear, etc., send me an email or post a comment about it. It would also be great to hear more from the international readers. What’s it like to run in London, Ottawa, Stockholm…?

In the meantime, keep running. That’s really what this is all about.

5 thoughts on “Our common interest

  1. Anonymous

    Helllo i think my dad would like your blog oh and i think you should the 4 mile run thing out cos its not any near it i mean 84 days !!! sorry but i just burst out laughing because of somthing that happed yesturday.


  2. I love the countdown clock… Putting a race on the calendar (my first 5K – December 2008) and counting the days \”until\” definitely motivated me, and in all honesty caused intermittent periods of panic, but it really was the best thing I could have done to keep me going. As soon as I get past this knee stuff, I\’m committed to signing up for a 10K, even though at the moment that seems like a tremendous distance for one human to cover! šŸ™‚ I can\’t wait to have a race date to look forward to again!


  3. Thanks – that\’s exactly it. I haven\’t competed in a road race in over 15 years so I\’m enjoying the anticipation. !0K is quite a distance, far beyond my 4 mile target. I\’m running in a 5K two weeks after that and then I\’m aiming to complete a 10K distance (either on my own or in a race) by December. I hope your race date is far enough out that you can fully recover.


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