Off target

Today’s run (street): 3.5 miles

It’s always nice to have a three day weekend, because it gives me an extra day to run during the week. If I’m lucky, the weather will cooperate. Unlike yesterday when the rain chased me indoors, today looked sunny and clear. Except for the near freezing temperature, it looked like ideal conditions for a run.

I dressed for cold but didn’t put on too many layers this time. I stepped outside and confirmed that my gear matched the weather. I noticed that the driveway, that was covered by a shadow, had a thin coating of ice. When I reached the sunnier road I was happy to find it ice-free. That happiness was short-lived. By the time I reached the half mile point, I was dealing with patches of ice where the sun didn’t reach the road.

It wasn’t bad enough to stop, but I needed to be careful. I put aside any thoughts of performance and focused on landing on my mid-foot to maximize my stability. I didn’t have any close calls like yesterday, but it didn’t make for a very pleasant experience. For a fairly short run, it was exhausting.

I’ve continued to watch my portion sizes and have already lost a few pounds (I believe this is the primary reason women resent men). Based on the advice I recently got from a nutritionist, I did 12 push ups after finishing my run. I considered doing 15, but didn’t want to invite upper arm soreness on top of of my diminishing (but still present) sciatica. Fellow running blogger Renee recommended the Matt Fitzgerald site to calculate my ideal racing weight and BMI (see graphic at top). Will I get down to 14.8% body fat? That would be a no.

13 thoughts on “BMImpossible

  1. Thanks for the mention 🙂 Matt Fitzgerald’s book \”racing weight\” is a really great read on running nutrition and weight loss principles whilst training but maintaining enough fuel for training load… my \”ideal racing weight\” is 14.8% bf, which I won’t be getting too either 😉 but is what I would gun for if I was an elite… lucky for me I am a recreational runner ha ha.


  2. Estimated Ideal Racing Weight: 101Estimated Target Body Fat Percentage: 16.2I've gotten down to 102 and 19% and thought I was too thin. I ran the 10 miler at 105 and 21% (according to my aria scale.) Weirdly, I've always thought that I ran best at 105. If I could stay at that weight and increase lean mass at the same time I'd be thrilled.


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