Good friends and good food force a high resistance workout

You’re getting sleepy…

Today’s workout (elliptical): 40 minutes, high resistance

Yesterday’s run was tough, but things got better as the day went on. We spent a good part of the day (and night) with some friends who were hosting a Christmas Day party. Their kids and ours have known each other practically since birth and everyone had a great time. I had what was probably my fifth – and last – beer of 2013. It was an exceptional Sam Adams Maple Pecan Porter that (happily) didn’t make me sleepy. When it comes to alcohol, I’m a real lightweight.

An evening of food and fun made me reconsider taking a rest day today. High calorie desserts come at a price and I had to pay the piper. I decided that the elliptical would be a nice alternative to another freezing run outside, or a boring treadmill run inside. Yesterday my legs felt heavy and I thought the elliptical, with its resistance dialed up, could tax my muscles in a different way.

We will have a full house this weekend, with my brother and his family and my mother and her friend staying at Chez Emerging Runner. I’m going to try to get 4-6 miles in tomorrow and that will leave only six more to complete before Tuesday, in order for me to reach my 900 mile target for 2013. I’m excited to have our guests coming and I’m also looking forward to running the LIRRC Hangover Fun run with the other two Musketeers on 1/1.

10 thoughts on “Good friends and good food force a high resistance workout

  1. I rarely run on dreadmills tsince I quit my gym membership two years ago. I have to say that I've enjoyed these past forays on them since we've been on vacation. The hotel gyms are never crowded so I never have to wait. The speed work is much more accurate than my distance guesstimations on the streets, and it passes the time. Now the elliptical is a different story. I haaaaate it. I'd rather watch grass grow. Um, what else…? Oh, wait. Who's blog am I posting on? This isn't mine? Sorry for going on and on. (Do you mind if I cut and paste this comment for my next post?)


  2. Thank you for your guest post! I will agree with you regarding hotel gym treadmills – they are usually high end machines, very stable with some great features. They're a guilty pleasure for me and far better than the typical home unit.But I really like the elliptical because it doesn't make noise like a treadmill and I can use it without worrying that it will kill me if I become distracted for a split second.I also like to watch grass grow, so consider that.


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