Running through the neighborhood hive

The neighborhood was abuzz

Today’s run (street): 4.25 miles

The Monday after Thanksgiving week starts like a cold diesel on a freezing morning. It’s hard to get back into business mode after four days of leisure. My first meeting of the day wasn’t until mid morning and that gave me enough time to ease into the work week after getting in a run.

Mondays are normally my rest days. Since I got a good workout done on Sunday, I could have stayed with the schedule but I’ll be resting on Friday ahead of Saturday’s race. Continuing my workouts and not taking the rest day seemed to make sense. If I’d been more focused on getting out this morning I might have had time to head to Bethpage. With only 90 minutes to run, recover and prepare, I was left with no choice but to stay in the neighborhood.

I rarely run between 7:30 and 8:30 AM because I don’t want to deal with all the school buses. Today I had no choice and I discovered that buses were just one reason to avoid going out during that hour. My fun started as soon I stood on the driveway and saw two huge landscaping trucks pull in front of my house. These trucks discharged a small army of workers who were there to start our fall cleanup. I guess today was the day to do that, because once I was clear of my own road, I encountered at least a dozen other crews at work across the neighborhood.

Buses scare me and landscaping trucks really scare me when I run. I spent more than my usual amount of time running on the sidewalks today. It was amazing to see the amount of activity playing out before me. Who knew that 8:00 AM is when every car backs out of its driveway, every parent with a grade school kid congregates at a bus stop and every town truck (maintenance, garbage, recycling) is rolling and stopping along the street.

As I made my way towards home, it all played out in front of me. Cars stopped for garbage trucks, Bobcat loaders blocked school buses and people walked their dogs. The neighborhood was like a hive of activity and I was just trying to get through it unstung.

Considering all the hazards, I had no close calls. I was glad to get back home and away from the frenzied streets. I missed the days when I ran at 4:00 AM and the only vehicle I would ever see was the guy who drove around and threw the NY Times on people’s driveways. Since I have more time flexibility now, I’m not willing to go out so early. But going forward, I’m going to do everything possible to avoid that 7:30 AM hour.

4 thoughts on “Running through the neighborhood hive

  1. I'm glad you went out for 4+. I'd like to do a little something tomorrow morning, but I feel like poo. I guess I'll use the morning to go to CVS to get some Advil C&S. :(I guess your run this morning was anything but mundane…


  2. It was almost funny seeing it all play out around me. I'll avoid that hour for running from now on.Sorry you continue to feel badly. You've done a LOT of racing in the last week or so and it does take its toll. Rest is the best cure but Advil doesn't hurt!


  3. It's like you're venturing out into the world for the first time! Yes, welcome to civilization (or the jungle). Funny! When you're out at 4am with the newspaper man, do you have to dodge the papers as they're being flung across yards? The SUnday New York Times could do some serious damage 😉


  4. It was eyeopening for certain. I knew enough to avoid that hour due to buses, but had no idea what else went on.Dodging the paper toss was not as challenging as dodging the deliveryman who obviously felt that traffic rules don't apply at 4 AM.


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