Controlled conditions can’t control humidity

Yesterday’s run (treadmill): 3.1 miles 

One syllable sums up yesterday’s run – ugh. I’ve been focused on a project this week, and days of intense viewing on my laptop created fatigue that was exacerbated by yesterday’s brutal humidity. By the time I was ready to run, it was too hot and humid to be outside. I figured I’d do better in the controlled conditions of my workout room. That wasn’t quite true.

I set the CAC to 76 degrees, cranked up the floor fan to high and turned on the puny treadmill fan. My plan to start fast was a miscalculation. After a mile run at 6.7 MPH, my heart rate was approaching 90% of Max. I dialed back my speed and, even at 6 MPH, I was sitting at 80% Max. I slowed down even further, until things came more into line. I eventually worked my speed back through the last mile, but by the time I reached my targeted distance, I felt exhausted.

I was glad to get my workout done, but with the relentless humidity, I may have pushed too hard. I felt worn out the rest of the day. Conditions are less humid today, but I’m going to run easy to prevent a recurrence of that fatigue. I’ll do my last race training over the weekend and will then start my taper and rest during the week. I hope I still have some speed left in my legs.

9 thoughts on “Controlled conditions can’t control humidity

  1. Thanks. It's a 5k put on by the hospital where I work. (Wow, tough to make myself not to say \”just\” a 5k!) I'm calling it my inaugural race, so I'm pretty excited, and probably way over thinking it.


  2. Anonymous

    My taper – ran the course today (52:09! PR), rest tomorrow bc going out in the city tonight, 3 or 4 easy miles monday, 5 x 440s on Tuesday, 3 or 4 easy miles on Wednesday, two days of rest. I'll look for you two at the beer tent next week


  3. TPP – don't stress about how much running you do during the taper. You are done building fitness. Rest is more beneficial at this point.Anon – if you don't see me in the beer tent, look in the oxygen tent. Have a great race.


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