Echos of schedules past

Yesterday’s workout (elliptical): 25 minutes
Today’s run (treadmill): 25 minutes

It’s been a very busy week and my schedule has interfered with my ability to publish my posts. I’ve had to resort to using the Blogger app on my phone in between engagements. I’m not sure how this will work, but here goes!

I’ve been going into the city the last two days for some industry meetings. The early morning wake-ups and commuting on the train were great reminders of my former daily grind. On both days I added long walks between Penn Station and Columbus Circle on top of my morning workouts.  I’m hoping I’ve impressed the Fitbit enough to earn another I LIKE U.

Yesterday morning I had one more go on the elliptical. I’m still not loving its rickety build, but it does provide a decent workout. I woke up this morning with some hip pain and I’d hoped that it would pass when I started my run. It didn’t, and the pain continued throughout the day. The three additional miles I walked later in the morning probably didn’t help it.

My hip’s not bothering me too much at this point and I’m hoping to get back outside for a run tomorrow morning. I’m also hoping that the freezing temperatures and stiff winds are gone by then. I’m truly looking forward to a less intense day on Friday. How did I used to do this city thing five days a week?

2 thoughts on “Echos of schedules past

  1. Try icing the hip for about 45 minutes. Hopefully, it works. I miss working in the city, but that was when I was young and single (now I'm young-ish {meaning, old} and married). Whole different ball of wax back then. Your FitBit should like you again after the 2 million steps you took!


  2. Thanks, I took Aleve and will also ice it. I understand that you still miss the city and I'll admit I do when I'm there. But getting there, not so much. Fitbit sent me a message that I'm still short of my daily goal. Sometimes there's no pleasing that thing.


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