Keeping my socks clean this year

As I was running the trails at Bethpage on Sunday, I thought about the Dirty Sock 10K and the effort required to run that course. Next to the half marathon, Dirty Sock is the toughest race I do each year. This is mostly because it’s 6.2 miles of changing terrain, run on the hottest and most humid day of the summer.

I figured that I’d spend next weekend preparing for the race and possibly running the course to re-familiarize myself with the route. When I got home from yesterday’s run I asked my wife what was on the schedule for next weekend and she said, “Well you have your race on Sunday.” For some reason I thought the race was happening in two weeks. I decided on the spot that I’m just not prepared to run it.

It’s fun to follow a tradition like running Dirty Sock every year, as I do with the Marcie Mazzola run, the New Hyde Park 8K and Cow Harbor, among other races. But I’m not feeling the need to run it and I’d rather focus on Cow Harbor that happens a month from now. I’ll miss the experience of running the Dirty Sock, but I’m sure of my decision. I can always head to Babylon one of these weekends and run the course on my own.

4 thoughts on “Keeping my socks clean this year

  1. Are you going to do any of the Cow Harbor training runs? They are every Wed night at 6:15pm starting at Laurel Ave school. The Northport Running Club website has details. I did last week and, man, I was really out of shape. It took me 1:05:05. James Street killed me. Hoping to do 55 min in the race.


  2. I'm glad to hear you're doing Cow Harbor this year. Are you also planning to do the Dirty Sock?The Cow Harbor training runs are probably great, but I can't get to Northport at that time on a weeknight. Are you interested in doing a CH practice run some Saturday or Sunday morning? I'm looking to beat 57:12 this year, which is the best I've done on this race.


  3. No, won't do Dirty Sock run. Maybe will be able to do a weekend Cow Harbor training run but not this weekend. Will post if I can do next weekend. (55 minutes is looking like a pipe dream now, but I'll give it a try.)


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