Base restoration, Day 1

Today’s run (street): 6.4 miles

It’s been weeks since I’ve done a run greater than five miles, so I planned for a longer run today. By the end of April (prior to the half), I was at my training peak, averaging over 22 miles a week. Right now I feel like I’m in a bit of a valley in terms of my training and performance. This is due mostly to running lower mileage weeks over the last month. I recognize that I need to refocus on my base training.

Today’s route was a departure from my usual neighborhood course. After a counter-clockwise loop around the northern roads, I headed toward the local business park to run the main loop with its hilly section. On the way out, I turned into neighborhood #3 and ran a loop around those roads, finishing with a mile and a half back in my neighborhood.

I’ve felt slightly tired and “under the weather” since last weekend. That continued this morning, although it didn’t affect my stamina. I ran about 20 seconds per mile slower than I’d planned, but I still covered my distance in a credible time.

I’m planning to rest as much as I can over the weekend in hopes of restoring my energy level. I’d like to cover another six miles tomorrow to get me to 20 miles this week. Either way, I’m happy to have run over six miles today. a good base is hard to build, and easy to lose.

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