No regrets

Yesterday afternoon’s workout (cycling): 4 miles

When I look back on a race I often think about the things I wish I’d done differently. Sometimes I lament the way I’d paced my run and other times I’ll regret that I didn’t do enough focused training. I can usually identify at least one problem that I wished I’d corrected prior to race day. But, for yesterday’s 8K, I can happily say that I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

The important point I took from this race is the knowledge that I’m capable of running a mid-8:00 pace for five miles. Even at the finish I felt strong. I had been concerned that I was losing some of my edge because my average training pace has degraded some over the last couple of years. I realized yesterday that, for many months, I’d backed off too much on performance in favor of having more comfortable runs. Only recently have I persistently focused on performance, including speed work on the track and extra workouts from cycling.

If yesterday’s performance is an indicator of  how I trained then there’s not much I’m going to change. Even so, although I was happy with the way things went at the race, I can’t ignore that I finished solidly mid-pack and toward the back of my age division. There were a number of speedy middle-aged club runners on the course yesterday so I understand why I placed where I did. Maybe next time I can be a little more competitive.

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