First post-half marathon run

Today’s run (street): 2 miles

This morning I returned to road running for the first time since Sunday’s half marathon. Yesterday’s elliptical session yielded good results and it gave me the confidence to push  a little more today. I’d already tested the soundness of my knees and legs with some strides up and down the corridors of my office yesterday morning. It was just after 7:00 AM and there were few people around so I didn’t feel ridiculous running the few hundred feet in my black oxfords. That “running” confirmed my belief that I was ready to do it for real.

Although the temperature was showing 58° on the local news channel it felt colder than that when I stepped outside. The driveway was wet and I thought it was raining but that turned out to be runoff from my neighbor’s sprinkler system. I started easy with short strides and a relaxed cadence but everything seemed to be in working order. The first half mile was run deliberately, but with a runner’s form. As I ran that first segment I thought about my last half mile on the race course and how hard it was to simply propel my legs as I came through Eisenhower Park toward the finish line. My stride felt much more natural this morning.

I ran the second mile 1:20 faster than the first and this further validated my belief that moderate activity after a long run helps restore muscles, speeds recovery and increases performance. I’ll go out for a long run this weekend and then take some time to run intervals. I’m curious to see if building my base and also training for speed will yield the performance that has eluded me lately.

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