Windy morning run

Today’s run (street): 3.85 miles

A morning appointment prompted me to run early today. As I prepared my running gear I heard the winds howl and I checked the thermometer to see that the temperature (with wind chill) was in the low 30’s. My window of time before I needed to leave for my appointment was small so I figured I’d be happy to get three miles in. I’m on vacation until the 28th so I wasn’t as concerned about covering distance as I normally would on a Saturday.

I wore a stretchy short sleeved base layer under a half zip that my kids gave me for Valentines Day. On top of that I wore my trusty ASICS windbreaker and that turned out to be a perfect combination for today’s conditions. I had a busy work week that preempted my running schedule. I missed my Tuesday workout and did not feel well on Thursday so I didn’t run that day. I slept well last night and had hoped this week’s light workout schedule would have set me up for an energetic run. Even so,  I struggled a bit at the beginning but that could have been due to the stiff headwinds that made it hard to maintain good running form.

I’ve taken to having a gel 30 minutes before my longer runs but I forgot to do that until a few minutes before I left. Consequently,  I didn’t get any benefit until I was halfway through the run. I never felt particularly good but as I progressed through my route I did run better, with negative splits for the second and third miles. I’m not sure if I’ll visit Stillwell or Bethpage tomorrow or if I’ll wait until Monday to try a trail run. I’m concerned that we’ll get more snow on Monday and that could push my opportunity for off road running even further away.

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