Happy 2011!

Happy New Year! For no particular reason I chose not to run today. I was caught up in New Year’s activities this morning that carried into the afternoon. By the time I was ready to run I’d decided to forgo my workout. I’ll defer my first run of 2011 to tomorrow morning.

Ideally the paths at Stillwell will be runnable on Sunday. I’ve been happy for the opportunity to run outside this week a couple of times but the snow has limited me to my main neighborhood. It’s wonderful to have local streets that are safe for running but following the same course does get tedious. I wish there were web cams at Stillwell and Bethpage (and Belmont Lake for that matter) that showed conditions in real time. That would save me a trip if the snow is still too deep for running. I’ll probably head to Stillwell first, because it’s closest, and check that out. If things don’t look good I’ll probably return home and have my first run of the year around the neighborhood. Either way it will be a celebration of running in good health in January. I’ll never take that for granted again.

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