Last year a baton, this year a DVD case

Today’s run (street): 4 miles

I was surprised to feel as well as I did after I got up this morning. Despite yesterday and Friday’s hard runs and a later bedtime last night I was up at 4:30 this morning. I waited a few hours to run and by then the temperature was heading to 60 degrees. I didn’t plan to go out too far today so I targeted 5K to 4 miles for my distance. We’d taken out a couple of DVDs this weekend so I followed a route that passed the library so I could return them. As I ran along holding the DVD cases I realized that exactly one year ago I was running in the Cape Cod marathon relay. Instead of a DVD box, that Sunday I held a baton as I worked to complete my second relay leg (6 miles) and hand it off to Adventure Girl who ran the final 11. We all had a great time that weekend and I believe that event still represents the most miles I’ve covered in a single day.

After swinging by the library’s outdoor drop bin I turned back into the neighborhood  to complete my run. I didn’t feel as strong as I did during yesterday’s Cow Harbor do-over but I had more than enough energy to cover my distance. I ended up running about 9:30 per mile, mostly due to a steep drop in speed on mile 4. I guess the Central Park and Northport runs finally caught up with me. Between Friday afternoon and this morning I’ve covered over 15 miles. Most were run with hard effort. I really do need to put a couple of 6+ mile runs together next weekend to get back in line with my distance goals. I felt good this morning but tomorrow I may feel differently. It’s been my experience that the pain of running Widow Hill can take a couple of days to manifest.

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