Off schedule run

Today’s run (street): 4.8 miles at 9:21

I had appointments all morning and after that we spent the day celebrating my son’s birthday. That threw off my running schedule and I didn’t get out until a little after 5:00 PM. I’m definitely a morning runner in terms of energy peak but I’ve read numerous articles that claim performance is generally better between 4-8 PM. This is supposedly true for everyone, regardless of when they normally train. I was curious about that when I set off in 50 degree weather that was ideal but for the strong breezes coming from the west. I followed a different route than normal, just for the change.

Despite being somewhat tired from the day, I was moving along well and was surprised by how quickly I reached the first mile. I managed to string together enough roads to total 4.8 miles before finishing. Not too many people were out at this hour and those that I did see were walking their dogs. I was happy to have completed a Saturday run but I felt bad that I didn’t even cover 5 miles. I could have easily run another quarter mile but when I got close to home I decided to call it a workout. I’m planning a morning run at Stillwell tomorrow and I think I’ll aim for the more distance. I may also take on some of the challenging paths that I’ve avoided the last few times I’ve run there.

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