Old Navy’s performance shirts don’t actually perform

Today’s workout (treadmill): 2.4 miles at 9:17/mile

This morning’s running experience had a few annoying moments but ultimately it turned out to be a decent workout. I woke up a few minutes early and quickly dressed for my run. I was hoping that the extra time would provide me an opportunity to cover some additional distance. Once I stepped into the garage I heard the rhythmic sound of rain and as the door began to rise I saw that it was pouring. I made my way upstairs, discarded my long sleeve shirt, headlamp and reflective vest and fired up the treadmill. Once I came up to speed I hit “Start” on the Garmin and hoped I could make up for the lost time. About 3 minutes into the run I looked at the Garmin to see what it was showing for pace so I could compare it to the treadmill’s display. I saw that the Garmin hadn’t actually started so I missed capturing the first third of a mile. So much for capturing my extra distance today.
Atayne Tech Shirts
Old Navy “Tech” Shirts
The run itself was fine but the jersey I wore did not do a good job of wicking sweat. It was one of the two “bargain” performance shirts that I’d bought on sale at Old Navy some months back. They were $5 each and I understand why. Although they are 100% polyester and look like technical shirts they don’t seem able to absorb and evaporate sweat any better than cotton. It’s tough to understand why one manufacturer charges $60 for a technical shirt while another charges $25 that looks and feels similar. In those cases both shirts do the job but perhaps the higher end shirt does it better. I will be posting a review of my Atayne technical shirt
(made from 100% recycled materials) on Runner’s Tech Review that I will compare to a few others to see if I can uncover the differences.

2 thoughts on “Old Navy’s performance shirts don’t actually perform

  1. 1. I did not know that you can use a garmin on a treadmill..2. Old Navy Tech shirts? I did not know that they made them. As far as running apparel I like champion @ Target or outlet store for the money. Looking forward to the review.


  2. I use the Garmin FR60 that has a foot pod that transmits run data to the watch. I think it's fairly accurate. The Old Navy shirts are nearly worthless for athletics but they are bright colored so I use them as an outside visibility layer when I run in colder weather. The Atayne shirt is great. More to come on that.


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