Into the taper

Today’s workout: rest day

Self destructing iLUV iPhone armband

My vacation is over but I’m still feeling the benefits of a good eight days of running. While I was off I ran 30 miles and much of that was done on challenging terrain. I’m six days away from my next race, the Marcy Mazzola Foundation 5K, and now in taper mode. After ten hard miles over the weekend and Friday I decided to take my usual rest day today and then use Tuesday through Thursday for my final training. I’ll rest this coming Friday and Saturday and then race on Sunday. I’m planning to do an early street run tomorrow on a predetermined course and I’ll set my target for a fairly aggressive pace. On Wednesday I’ll do a treadmill run with inclines for my last hill training exercise and Thursday will be my last run of the week. I ended up buying the Garmin FR60 and I hope that it comes soon so I can familiarize myself with it before the race. Between the treadmill, my Garmin 50 and my iPhone armband it’s been a bad month for running technologies.

2 thoughts on “Into the taper

  1. Good Luck on your race. I've decided to opt out of weekend races for now & spend early Saturday & Sunday mornings running with my dog. In fact, I'm planning to do a practice Cow Harbor run with her soon, only to say 'she ran Cow Harbor'.Funny thing. We noticed how well conditioned and muscle toned she was at the end of last year. We \”Rescued\” her from a shelter. She spent her first 11 months confined, so we made certain she had plenty of exercise. She's now my running buddy & knows each running route. Fun stuff.


  2. I don't think there's anything a dog loves more than running. I see many happy dogs and their owners at Stillwell Woods every weekend. I'm always impressed by how well these dogs respect others. I've never been chased or bothered in any way. We did have one incident where a dog jumped up on my daughter on a trail but that dog's owner was on a mountain bike and obviously careless about controlling his dog. You may want to consider the Bridie Goldstein/MercyFirst race in November. They have a dogs and owners category. Sorry I won't see you on Sunday but I know you'll be enjoying the trails with your dog.


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