The JS Bach running method

Last night, just for fun, we hosted a Chinese New Year themed dinner party for some friends. We had a great time, the decorations were festive and (of course) we served Chinese food supplied by a local restaurant. The meal was a hit and it was easy to over indulge. Adding the desserts that my wife and daughter had baked, along with those brought by our guests, it made for a high calorie evening. One friend, also a runner, said that we’ll have our work cut out for us on our Sunday runs.

I couldn’t sleep past 4:30 this morning so I caught the replay of last night’s Olympic events and went out early after pre-hydrating with a mixture of Zico coconut water and ground Chia seeds. I’ve incorporated Chia into my diet at least once a day since I bought my supply. It’s hard to know if it’s been beneficial but I’ve felt great since I’ve started using it and I haven’t had a bad run all week. I set out with the intention of running a similar distance as yesterday’s and, again, the experience of running felt great in the new Brooks. I smartened up and wore one less layer and wool socks and that worked out well. After a loop around the roads that connect to my street I went south and crossed over to neighborhood #2. I had not run there since December and it was a nice change of scenery. At about 1.5 miles I noticed that I was playing Bach’s Cantata 147 in my head as I ran and the 3/4 time matched my cadence very well. I’ve been playing my classical guitar again, after some time away from it and this is a piece that I’ve been practicing. When I was concentrating on front foot running and increased steps/minute in December I was mentally following 4/4 timing. Today I realized that 3/4 is a more natural tempo for me (for non-musicians, 3/4 is like the beat to a waltz).

I exited back into my neighborhood and took a long loop around as I made my way home. Along the way I passed a few other runners, one of whom I knew. He was running with a friend who was driving a car alongside him, presumably to keep him company. Not exactly the way I’d do it. I felt so good as I ran that I extended my run another .75 mile and finished with a full five miles, another post-pneumonia distance milestone. My pace was unremarkable (mid-9:00’s) but I’m more focused on endurance than speed right now as I prepare for the Stillwell XTERRA race in March. Once I’m past that I’ll prioritize speed so to prepare for the Marcie Mazzola 5K in April.

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