Post 302

I let an important milestone slip past me on Tuesday by not acknowledging it as the 300th post on since I started the blog on November 18, 2008. At the point I began to write about my running experiences I was about three months into a return to daily activity and about a month into my transition from primarily walking to primarily running. In my first post I said “Actually I’m not much of a runner at this point but I want to be much better.” I’m not really sure what that meant but at that time I was running 11 minute paces and covering distances between one and three miles. I have definitely improved on both pace and distance but over the months my progress has become asymptotic with little difference in average pace from month to month. Distance has continued to grow largely due to a greater focus on outdoor runs including a switch from early morning treadmill workouts to headlamp lit 4:00 AM neighborhood excursions.Also contributing to this has been more frequent trips to the local trails. I’ve found that trail running enables longer distances for me, probably because the landscape is ever changing and keeps me from benchmarking distance as easily as on the street.

This morning’s run was a perfect vacation workout, about 5.25 miles under overcast skies with relatively low humidity around the neighborhoods. I’m stuck in rut in terms of pace – mid 9:00 today – and I’m thinking of going over to the track tomorrow to do some speed work. I had thought about going for a personal distance record, my next goal is 7+ miles, and I could probably have reached that today had I felt like running another 15 minutes. I was conscious of being back home in time for our morning vacation schedule but I was pleased that I felt more energized today compared with yesterday’s sluggish trail experience. I plan to look back at some early posts to see what my challenges were back then and whether any of them still remain. I’ve pretty much figured out through conversations with long time runners, and now through my own experiences, that emerging as a runner is a lifelong aspiration.

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