The clothes make the runner

If you know me or follow this blog then you are aware that I’m running in a 5K race tomorrow morning. I’m excited because racing is fun and every experience is different. This morning’s temperature, despite the weatherman’s claim of 56 degrees, is chilly. The intermittent rain is making the skies gray, dark and gloomy. I’m wondering if it’s a sneak preview of tomorrow’s weather.

As I stood on the platform this morning, waiting for the train, I imagined that I was standing at tomorrow’s starting line. What would be the right clothing for those conditions? Would it be better to run without a rain jacket to stay cool? Would wearing a hat help keep the rain off my glasses? Are gloves a good idea? It’s always hard to know. I’ve made some bad choices over the past months wearing too many layers and overheating or not protecting my face during runs in 12 degree temperatures. One thing I’ve learned is to error on the side of being too cold at the start because you’re likely to get warmer as you run. But what’s the threshold? I once got everything right except that I’d forgotten gloves and had miserably cold hands for miles. I’m definitely bringing gloves tomorrow.

As planned, I skipped my running this morning to give myself a day to rest up for the race. My leg feels good and hopefully that will continue. Later today I’ll go the LI Marathon Health & Fitness Expo to check in and get my timing chip. That makes it real. Once the race is through I’ll be half way through my goal of competing in at least four races in 2009. I’ll also know if I chose the right gear for the race.

One other note: I was amused by a picture that my brother sent of my nephew reading my blog. Apparently he’s a fan. I’d like to think that he likes the writing but I suspect it’s more about the funny pictures.

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