Aging backwards

This past weekend my mother-in-law declared that I look ten years younger since I’ve returned to running. I appreciated the compliment although I think she was just being kind. Either way it was nice to hear, better than the more common statements of concern that I get from friends: “You’re losing too much weight” and “You look like an underfed prisoner.” That is certainly not the image I’d like to project. Even my wife has pointed out that since I’ve hit my goal I should start eating again like a normal person. I told her she should listen to her mother.

I agree that I have reached my desired level for weight but I’m not going back to my old habits. I’m in far better shape than I’ve been in over a decade and I’d really like to stay that way. Besides, I’ve already had my suits tailored. Although I don’t do many upper body workouts I’ve noticed that muscle definition in my chest and arms is much more noticeable. Results like that add to the motivation to run and cross train. I’m not looking to reverse the aging process except to help ensure that I can ably run in the decades ahead. I’m in an unusual place compared to many runners my age who, despite dedicated training, will soon begin to see performance declines every year simply due to nature. Since my starting point is different (I’ve had lots of room for improvement since returning to running last August) I’m actually gaining in both performance and endurance. I don’t know how long it will be until I hit my peak and then start to lose ground but I’m not worrying about that now. It’s great to be told that you look years younger (especially if it were true) but I much more prefer the way it feels.

2 thoughts on “Aging backwards

  1. Hi! Just had to leave a comment to say \”good for you!\” What a terrific compliment! Love your blog by the way…and the Sedentary Man is terrific – reminds me of more than one person I know! 🙂


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