Surprising trail run along the Charles

View along the Charles in Auburndale Park, Newton, MA

Friday’s run (street): 4 miles at 9:49
Sunday’s run #1 (trail): 3.25 miles at 9:34
Sunday’s run #2 (street): .75 miles at 10:43

I mentioned in a prior post that my my mother had recently broken both arms and wrists when she fell while setting up for a moving sale. I haven’t seen her since that accident but my brother and sister-in-law have been taking great care of her through her recovery. We traveled to Boston this weekend to see her and had a great time thanks to my family’s hospitality. My kids had a great time with their three year old twin cousins and seeing my mother, who was impressively mobile and in great spirits despite her circumstance, made us all feel much better. We had great dinners,  great conversation and I had an unexpectedly great trail run this morning.

My weekend of running started on Friday afternoon. I had my son in the office for the day so I didn’t do my usual Central Park run at lunchtime. We got home by late afternoon and I went out for a run at 5:00 PM. It was nice to be out without the midday sun bearing down on me but it was plenty hot and humid all the same. I did the first mile at about 9:30 but the next three were closer to 9:54. Again, I felt I was running a little faster than that, but I wasn’t that surprised with my overall pace.

Saturday was consumed with travel and activities so I didn’t run at all. This morning I went out to Auburndale Park in Newton MA for a 3+ mile trail run. It was cool and dry at 6:00 AM as I set out in search of trails in this park. I came in through the baseball field and ran around the perimeter until I found a trail head that lead me through the woods over pristine paths of hard packed dirt with views of the Charles River to my left. I felt like I could have run for miles but I didn’t have the time to do that today. Even at that early hour on a Sunday I saw a few other runners and also encountered a number of people out walking with their dogs. I ended up doing an out-and-back route that totaled 3.25 miles. I had hoped for some decent paths but I ended up with much more than that.

When we arrived home in the late afternoon my daughter and I decided to do a loop around the immediate neighborhood to loosen up after a long car ride. We took it easy and covered .75 miles before heading in for dinner. It was a great weekend for family and a great weekend of running. I liked how cool it was when I went out this morning and I’m hoping that my morning runs this week feel the same.