Once, twice, three times a lady runner

Today’s route

Today’s run (street): 3.4 miles
Yesterday’s run (treadmill): 3.3 miles
Last Sunday’s run (street): 4.7 miles

Yesterday morning was rainy, so I stayed indoors and cranked out a decent run on the treadmill. The music mix was worse than usual, causing me to toggle between multiple channels to escape a string of slow ballads from the 70’s and what seemed to be the worst songs recorded between 1980 and 1989. For example, anything by Cher. I followed my usual technique of upping the treadmill’s speed by a tenth of a MPH every quarter mile (or so) and by the end I was in a full sprint mode.

This morning’s run was delayed due to an early morning appointment, but I still managed to get out the door a little before 9:00 AM. The weather was mild (57°) except when the wind hit. I dressed light and stayed comfortable. There are only so many roads to run in my neighborhood and the challenge is to string together a route that somewhat breaks the monotony. It can be as simple as running a street in the opposite direction than I usually run it.

Today I began with a run around the grounds of the middle school and while rounding the front drive I noticed another runner coming from the opposite direction. As we got closer, I recognized her from other runs. This woman probably has two decades on me but she’s always out there, wearing her purple running jacket with a matching hat. We exchanged cheery hellos as we passed by.

About five minutes later I was heading up a different road when this woman and I crossed paths again. This time we exchanged shy waves. I thought that was that until I rounded another road and saw her once again in the distance. She wasn’t fast but she got around. As she got closer, I saw her go up on the sidewalk and run on top of some driveway edging stones. When we passed, she said, “I have to do something to make this fun!” I could see TPP doing the exact same thing 30 years from now.

I had hoped that yesterday’s good workout would continue into today, but I ended up having only a so-so run. That was okay because even a mediocre run is better than none. I’m thinking about a trail run and may return to Stillwell tomorrow. The last time I ran there I had a bad fall and now I’m a little gun shy. I love Stillwell too much for that to hold me back. So maybe.

5 thoughts on “Once, twice, three times a lady runner

  1. Did the woman report you for stalking? I'm sorry you couldn't make it this am. Not only did you miss Shelly & Brendan, but Al showed up, too! I told them you were busy stalking old ladies. They weren't surprised.


  2. It's so lovely that you know me so well..I was asked to participate in a Lululemon running bra fitting on Saturday.There were about 6 of us there, and we got to try on this new bra and run in it. They were doing research on how they size their bras, and how it compared to the size we thought we wore, and what we actually felt good in. It was fun, and makes me want to start running more after listening to all their stories. Some of the women were triathletes.. got me thinking about that too. Oh, and we got to keep the bras! Thank god I resisted buying another 200 dollars worth of clothes.


  3. I'm trying to wrap my head around this Lululemon thing. Where did it take place? I used to do Lululemon guided runs out of the Columbus Circle store before work and not once was I ever offered a free bra. You would rock a tri. I know a guy who might be a good coach for you!


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