Another Kinvara for the ER

This color was $52, the rest were more expensive

This weekend’s runs (street): 8 miles total

This is the last weekend of summer before the kids return to school so we took off for some R&R. Due to that, I was limited in terms of running options. But between today and yesterday, I was able to cover a total of eight miles. The not so good news is that the upper thigh discomfort that I experienced as part of my ruptured disc has come back. It’s not actually painful, but I feel it in every step and it’s affecting my stride.

I’m doing some massage exercise to help deal with it. Fortunately, this discomfort only happens while I’m running. I ran with my Saucony Triumph ISOs today and it was a little better than with my Virratas that have pronounced heel wear on the lateral sides of both shoes. I’ve been researching shoes to replace the Virratas (my main shoe right now) and decided to go with the Kinvara 5.

Thanks to ShoeKicker, I was able to find a pair online for $52 with free shipping. I should see them sometime next week. I adored my original Kinvaras and the K3s have served me well for far longer than I’d deserved. I made the mistake of reading lots of user reviews that planted some doubt about the K5s.

The concern was mostly due to the Pro-Lock feature that the Triumphs also have. The K6 Pro-Lock is supposed to be worse, which is why I elected to get the 5s. I figure that everyone’s foot is different and some people will always be disappointed. Despite some negative posts, most reviews were overwhelmingly positive, I’m hoping mine will be too.

9 thoughts on “Another Kinvara for the ER

  1. Referring to yourself in the third person with \”The\” in front reminds me of The Fonz minus the leather jacket. And the \”cool\”. Just kidding. You're cool. For someone who refers to himself in the third person. With \”The\” in front.


  2. Yes, \”She\”, I get what you're saying. The Emerging Runner thinks you are cool as well. And he doesn't wear a leather jacket because he is ethically pure and doesn't want to inflict any pain on The Emerging Runner due to possible chafing.


  3. Dirty Sock – No. I recall it was a tough, humid day?No PR in Cow Harbor for me this year, but it is a tradition. Besides, where else can you run and feel like a rock star. Do you have my e-mail address?


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