The Sole’s last laugh

Kicked to the curb

We all know that what goes up must come down. That goes for our old treadmill and it didn’t go without a fight. The good news is that our new treadmill was delivered tonight. That was the easy part. The hard part was getting the old Sole down the stairs and out the door.

The two guys who came to assemble our new Freemotion 850 agreed to remove the Sole and carry it to the curb. We were happy about that, because there was no way we could have done it ourselves. I was excited to be just minutes away from having a working treadmill and getting rid of a bad memory. The guys got the old machine out of the guestroom fairly quickly. Then the trouble began.

It was pretty tough to watch. Our hand-built wooden stair rail took a lot of abuse, but it held up well. The other side didn’t fare as well. The rollers on the tread bed punched through the drywall leaving a couple of rectangular holes that will need to be patched and painted. It could have been worse, but it wasn’t good.

New and improved

The guys set up the new treadmill and called us upstairs. At first I was taken aback by the size of the machine. The Freemotion’s console stands half a foot taller than the Sole’s and the frame is at least three inches longer. It’s a substantial machine that (when you’re standing on it) feels a little like a fitness center treadmill.

I ran on the new treadmill for a minute to make sure it worked. I’ll wait until I do a real run before sharing my impression, but I will say, so far, so good.

8 thoughts on “The Sole’s last laugh

  1. Treadmills are sort of like plumbing. We don't always enjoy them, but we appreciate that they're there when we need them. After a couple of weeks of snowy, freezing weather and no treadmill, I'm excited to have one again. I also appreciate the elliptical a lot more now!


  2. There were some scary moments as we watched those guys negotiate the huge frame down the stairs. I forgot that you had to get your new treadmill up your stairs. Did you and S do that yourselves? If so, OMG…Here's a link to my treadmill's product page: to contain yourself when you look at it and don't tell your NordicTrak that you're looking at other machines.


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