Snow good reason to run outside

Pretty snow. Awful run.

Today’s workout (run): 1.2 miles, (elliptical): 25 minutes

Just a snow flurry moving quickly through the area, nothing to worry about. That’s what they were saying at 6:00 AM when I started planning my morning run. The news stations began reporting heavy snowfall had started in NYC around 6:30. I naively assumed it wouldn’t reach Long Island for a while, nor did I think we’d have much accumulation. Wrong.

After a cup of coffee, I made my way upstairs to change into running gear. I saw that my wife was already on the elliptical. I also noticed that the snow was coming down pretty hard. No problem, I’d dress for bad weather and wear my Cascadias for traction. After all, running in snow is fun, right? I took one more look at the elliptical and considered that option before heading out into the winter wonderland.

This was to be my first run since New Years Day. I’d resisted the temptation to resume workouts once my sciatica pain began to lessen and targeted today to start. The soreness remains, but it’s minor. I knew that the inch-plus of snow would slow me down and provide a softer surface than pavement. I hoped that both factors would help minimize the chance that I’d re-aggravate my injury.

The temperature was in the mid-20’s with moderate wind. I made my way through the neighborhood, keeping to the sidewalk for safety. Between the spongy snow and uneven sections, that seemed equally risky. By the time I reached the top of the first road, my feet began to feel numb. The volumes of snow blowing around made it hard to see and I felt sinus pain where my freezing glasses touched my face.

I’d intended to run about three miles but the growing discomfort changed my mind. I redirected my route and returned to my house after covering 1.2 miles. By the time I returned home, it was almost white-out conditions. So much for a fun run in the snow. Even with my Opedix and under-layer, three top layers, a waterproof running jacket, headband and cold weather beanie, I was uncomfortably cold.

I quickly headed upstairs and shed most of those layers before jumping on the elliptical. Compared to the cold, slippery conditions I’d just left, the elliptical experience felt great. I completed a 25 minute session and capped it off with ten push ups. We had a nutritionist in the office yesterday and I talked to her about fat burning efficiency with aerobic, cardio and weight bearing exercise. The nutritionist told me that strength focused workouts are the most effective way to reduce body fat while maintaining muscle mass. Thus, the push ups.

Tomorrow should be free of snow but still still extremely cold. It warmed up into the 30’s this afternoon so there’s a chance the roads may be clear of snow. Last January there was so much snow that I was forced to use the treadmill for over 70% of my workouts. The current condition of our treadmill makes that an unappealing option. In the meantime, I’m back to running and that’s the progress I’ve been hoping for.

14 thoughts on “Snow good reason to run outside

  1. Props for even attempting to run in it! It can be quite a daunting task when the snow quickly turns to ice and you're not quite sure what's underneath, especially at your fragile age. I think running laps in your den would have been a happier alternative than the elliptical.


  2. Anonymous

    Nice work with the push ups. Great full upper body and core exercise that you can do anywhere, anytime, without equipment. Try to make it a habit. You'll be stronger in no time. Some good football games on tomorrow, and I have a case of beer in the garage. I'll do a couple hundred tomorrow. 🙂


  3. Anonymous

    Have a half a beer tomorrow, then a full beer on Monday, and you'll be up to a six pack and 150 push ups in no time. Just like running. You have to work your way up slowly but surely.


  4. Anonymous

    Btw — they do a good job plowing and clearing the loop at caumsett if you want to get out for a run when there's snow on the streets and/or shoulders of the road. Just dress warmly. It's always windy there and colder than I expect.


  5. Anonymous

    The wind can be tough, but the hills are just rolling. I don't consider caumsett hilly. Did my Sunday long runs there all last winter. Gets boring if you go around more than four times, but a beautiful park. And there's that one tree there that makes me think of shawshank redemption every time I pass it. If you go onto the hiking trails behind the mansion, there's some tough hills.


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