Faint praise for the elliptical

ProForm CE 6: I look different in workout clothes

Today’s workout (elliptical): 25 minutes

It’s been another busy week, but at least tomorrow is Friday. Today was my first opportunity for a morning workout and my intention was to do a treadmill run. I got up this morning and decided that I couldn’t deal with the treadmill’s racket, so I fired up the elliptical instead. Although I’ve never warmed to this unit (it’s far less substantial than its predecessor) the Pro-Form does provide a good cross training alternative.

Compared to the treadmill, using the elliptical is a breeze. Besides the fact that it’s self propelled and quiet, the elliptical doesn’t make me constantly worry about a bad slip and fall. In fact, you can use the elliptical with your eyes closed. That’s something I’d never recommend doing on a treadmill. I ended up getting a decent workout and avoided a noise-related headache.

I always look forward to Friday’s because I can get outside in the morning for a few miles prior to starting my working day from home. Tomorrow will be extremely busy so I’ll need to get out early to fit in a workout. I’m getting mixed messages online about Friday morning’s weather. One prediction calls for morning rain and the other calls for cold but dry conditions. I’m hoping for the latter.

I’d like to avoid the treadmill if possible. And as much as I appreciated it today, I’m not in the mood for another elliptical session.

5 thoughts on “Faint praise for the elliptical

  1. Anonymous

    You have got to get over your hatred for the treadmill. Do speed work on it. Its a great tool for intervals and hill work outs, and hardly boring when used that way. Do your easy runs out on the streets, and you'll learn to like the treadmill.


  2. I don't hate treadmills per se. I just hate ours because it makes a racket that rivals an airliner flying 500 feet over the house. Additionally, when I put the speed up beyond 6 MPH the tread tends to slip. Not a lot of love for that machine.


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