Oppression of the humid kind

Maybe I need a bigger fan

Today’s run (treadmill): 5.25 miles

Any thoughts of braving the rain to do today’s workout outside were dashed when the skies grew dark and a light drizzle turned into a downpour. With no good alternative, I tried to make the best of doing a treadmill run. I set the floor fan to high and found a decent movie to distract me from the tedium of going nowhere for 50+ minutes.

Running 5-6 miles is a fairly easy challenge for me, especially in the fall when the humidity is low and the temperature is moderate. I never think about time when I’m running outdoors, except when I’m being held to a tight schedule. In fact, outside running minutes almost seem to go by too fast. On the other hand, minutes spent on a treadmill can seem excessively long. I often look at the treadmill’s display multiple times only to find that I’m still in the same minute.

I didn’t count on the day’s oppressive humidity. Had I thought about it, I would have kept a bottle of water nearby and positioned the fan to blast me in the face from 2 feet away. I set the TV to show closed captions since the excessively noisy treadmill overwhelmed the capabilities of the speakers. For the first few minutes, it all came together. Once the humidity rose in the room, things started to get ugly.

Unless you’re having a spectacular run, or your distance is predetermined by route or plan, there’s often some amount self-bargaining that goes on. Today I was promising myself that I’d take down the pace once I reached a certain time or distance milestone. It’s a mind game, but so much of running is mental. I never actually slowed down throughout today’s workout. In fact I ended up increasing my speed over the final ten minutes.

The fan ended up helping, but not as much as I’d hoped. The movie went from being a nice distraction to a major annoyance. Reading captions on a TV is not compatible with the treadmill experience. That’s why I usually just put on the news. The weather tomorrow is supposed to be much improved, so I plan to get out somewhere. Another indoor run like today’s would be hard to take.

2 thoughts on “Oppression of the humid kind

  1. I've (literally) tried all the angles with that fan, including using the oscillator and tipping it back to get the most air possible at my face. I agree that Florida would be a tough place to live and run between March and November. We stayed in Sarasota a few days in July 2013. If I didn't start my runs at 6:00 AM, I wouldn't have done them at all.


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