Better late than never

Today’s run (street): 3.3 miles

Things are heating up with my new job and I’ve been a little concerned that my training schedule would suffer. That was the case yesterday. In order to avoid traffic that makes a 45 minute drive take an hour and a half, I’ve been leaving the house around 6 AM. I used to run on weekdays at 4:00 AM to get in my daily workout, but I’m not looking do that anymore.

I was resigned to the idea of, once again, missing a run. After a stressful morning I stopped feeling resigned and started feeling guilty. Once I had things in order, I decided to hit the road early to avoid traffic. I debated the idea of doing an elliptical workout when I got home, but the weather was perfect. I quickly changed and headed outside.

I’m definitely a morning runner, so going out in the late afternoon felt a little off. I’m sure my 11 miles on Sunday had something to do with that, along with a tiring day at the office. Getting through these miles was easy, but I wasn’t particularly fast. I’m clearly behind the curve in terms of performance and I have no expectations of a PR at Brooklyn. I hope to get in another run in before Saturday, even if I have to do it in the afternoon.

10 thoughts on “Better late than never

  1. Running AFTER work has always been an issue with me. But sometimes I do it thinking that if I sprinkle them in here and there, it'll make me a better runner. Eh. Not so much. I wish they would do more studies on it. I don't know if it's because I'm mentally exhausted, and as an introvert(!) I need to recharge when I get home – or that I'm on my feet all day. Probably a little of both. You and I both with no PR expectations. It's all good.


  2. I prefer mornings too but I have been working 70 hour work weeks for the last four years and have been forced to adapt. A run at any time of the day is better than no run, right? I find that running in the early evening (just before dark, or right after) works best for me. I make sure to deck myself out in reflective gear and a head lamp just to be safe, but there is something soothing about running after dark.


  3. That article is interesting, \”exercise simply feels harder when your brain is tired, so you quit earlier.\” I do think that running effort is greater when I have a lot on my mind. Maybe we'll surprise ourselves at Brooklyn, but I'm not counting on it.


  4. Lucky for me my brain is set on snooze most days. My training and mileage have been pretty weak. As far as optimal training goes, it's been trial and error for me. We'll discuss further tomorrow evening in between jell-o shots.


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