Performance is down, but excuses remain high

Ready or not, here it comes

Today’s run (treadmill): 25 minutes

My running has slid back into the questionable range. I had a tough time running a very slow 5K on Sunday. That may have been due to over-training last week, shoelace malfunctions or something less obvious. This week was the start of my new job and, after taking my usual Monday rest day, I skipped Tuesday as well. This morning was a return to 4:00 AM running and it didn’t go particularly well.

After 20 years of commuting on the Long Island Railroad into NYC, I had a break over the last year. I didn’t miss riding the the train and I still don’t. But instead of the train, I’m now driving 75 miles a day to and from my new office. Driving is not fun and I’ve decided to head out around 6:00 AM to minimize the amount of traffic delays on the LIE, Route 95, etc. Consequently, the window for early running before my commute is short. And unlike train commuting when I could take a seat and sleep, I need to be 100% alert when on the road.

I happened to have an all day meeting in the city today, so I got on the treadmill at 4:00 and ran for 25 minutes. It was one of the toughest workouts I’ve had in a while, and I’m wondering why. Since I’m making plenty of excuses about my sub-par 5K performance, I’ll make more by saying that two days of driving on highly trafficked roads, plus full days in the office, have exhausted me. I’m hoping it’s just that. Brooklyn will happen soon and my running confidence has taken a big tumble since last week.

5 thoughts on “Performance is down, but excuses remain high

  1. I think you might need to add a little bit of stretching here and there.. your calves, hamstrings, glutes and piriformis. Sitting in the car for that long – what, is it about 1:15 each way? 5 times a week is going to wreak just a bit of havoc on you posterior musculature. Try to get some of that in once a day and you'll be golden.. Viva la Runsketeers!


  2. Excellent advice, as usual. The drive is about an hour under perfect conditions and 1:50 if I leave after 7 AM or return home between 5-6 PM. It is a lot of sitting under often stressful conditions. I may catch a break every once in a while and work from my home office.Let the stretching begin!


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