Again with the treadmill repeats

Today’s run (treadmill repeats): 3.1 miles 
(10 x 340m plus 1 mile warm up/cool down)

I’d like to thank everyone who commented on my post and sent me emails regarding my Brooklyn Half training plan. The consensus is that my weekly long run schedule is fairly solid and that speed work should integrated throughout the training cycle. I’m anxious to return to Bethpage and excited to be able to begin this training, with the additional six miles of paved bike trail that was completed last year. If I chose to do it, I could run an entire half marathon distance from my house to the Massapequa Preserve along that trail. But somebody would need to pick me up at the end! 13 miles is one thing, 26 is quite another.

My friends FS and SIOR both pointed out the Hal Higdon training plan and I found it realistic, accessible and very close to mine in terms of weekly long run schedule. Following months of complacency, I’m getting excited about performance again. After Monday’s speed session, I opted for a moderate elliptical session on Tuesday. This morning it was back to speed work with another set of repeats done with a little less intensity.

Like Monday, I started with a half mile warm up before moving to intervals. I wanted to go a little longer on each repeat, so I bumped up the distance from 220 to 340 meters and set the speed about 3% lower than on Monday. I also capped  it at 10 repeats, although it worked out to almost the same distance. I finished again with a half mile cool down.

I’m not sure if this late stage speed work is going to translate into better performance on Saturday, but I hoping for the best. It’s supposed to be very cold on Thursday, so I may have to do tomorrow’s run on the treadmill. I would prefer to run outdoors, ideally on trail, so I could simulate trail race conditions.

5 thoughts on “Again with the treadmill repeats

  1. This is a good thing. Train hard! I was put on a z-pak tonight for a chest cold/infection and fever. I have not run since Sunday. I don't know what I'll be able to bring to the trails come Saturday, but I will be there!


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