Call me mister social

All for one, one for all, gluten-free! 

Today’s run (treadmill): 3.25 miles

Groucho Marx once said, “I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member.” Perhaps that’s been my policy as well, because I haven’t been a member of any social group since Economics Club in college. After five years of talking about running clubs, I finally took the plunge this week and joined the Greater Long Island Running Club (also known as GLIRC).

My running buddies and race teammates SIOR and TPP are far more social than me and both are GLIRC members. They get a lot of value out of the club and have encouraged me to sign up. Every interaction I’ve had with GLIRC members has been positive and the Clubhouse Run that they held in mid-December (open to non-members) was great. I finally ran out of excuses and joined. I’m already benefiting from my new membership by getting a reduced entry fee in an upcoming race.

Our relay team, the Runsketeers, will be competing in the Runner’s Edge 2×3 trail relay, held at Bethpage State Park on February 15th. I am the most experienced trail runner, but by far the slowest. TPP is quick and nimble and did really well in the Rob’s Run Cross Country race back in December. SIOR is seriously fast and can probably do her entire leg as a sprint. I plan to put it all out there that day. It’s Bethpage and it’s trails, so what’s not to love?

15 thoughts on “Call me mister social

  1. We just might beat people with A on our team! Yeah! Let's kick some as(ic)s.. and brooks, and nikes..And as usual, I LOVE the graphic! You've immortalized us!You've got to get our little tiny faces on those guys – and dark chocolate is SO much better than milk chocolate!


  2. Anonymous

    I am so jealous you are running with a team now, some of the best and most fun running experiences I have ever had were when I was running with a team. Unfortunately, with my schedule, it just doesn't work and I miss it so much! Enjoy it and your new team/friends!


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