Boredom is punishment for the medium-core runner

Don’t let the smile fool you

Today’s run (treadmill): 3.25 miles

Whenever I have to run on the treadmill, I feel like I’m agreeing to a compromise. Were I truly hardcore, I would be out in every kind of weather. I used to be much more willing to run outside under bad conditions. In fact, in 2011, I did every run between April 13 to August 7 outdoors, despite rain, snow, ice or darkness. I’ve been less inclined to run in ice and snow over the past couple of years, mostly due to safety issues. Have I mentioned that the drivers in my neighborhood are careless maniacs?

My dilemma, besides feeling that I’ve slipped from hard to medium-core, is how to write an interesting post about a treadmill run. Here is a description of every treadmill run I’ve ever done:

“I turned on the treadmill and hit start. I set the speed to x. I set the incline to x (optional). I ran for a long time and looked at the the treadmill’s display and saw that only a minute had actually passed. I ran for five more minutes and wondered if I could ever be more bored. I ran more and realized that, yes, I could be more bored. I continued until I had a quarter mile to go and increased my speed to race pace. I finished the run and immediately forgot how much I hated the whole experience.”

There really is something to the “runner’s high” concept, when your system releases endorphins after the workout is done. It’s a good thing that happens. Can you imagine if you felt worse after a run? This morning I did my 3+ miles (I could only stand it for 30 minutes today) and felt great once I was able to step off, relax and shower.

I loved that I had the option of running indoors today when the roads were icy. Treadmills are boring and can be hard to write about. But unless I’m willing to harden my core, I’ll be forced to use this machine. And you’ll be forced to read about it.

6 thoughts on “Boredom is punishment for the medium-core runner

  1. Treadmill posts are something we can all relate to. We've all done it with probably the same level of enthusiasm (non-existent). It's good writing especially when you elicit a sense of camaraderie from your readers.


  2. Thanks. I've found that most runners view the treadmill with a similar combination of distaste and appreciation. I guess everyone can identify. I would have loved to read about your 14 miler, although I'm glad you weren't subject to all that treadmill time..


  3. haha- i feel very \”softcore\” as i can't make myself run outside in less than about 25 deg's. but my tm's in my basement, complete with concrete walls and spiders. all the more unappealing. i do hope we stay above freezing for the rest of the winter!


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