Head for the treadmills, here comes the snow!


Today’s run (treadmill): 3.2 miles

Today has been highly productive yet I feel like something is missing. Perhaps that something is the storm that is making its way toward western Long Island. The town just sent an email saying that schools are closed on Friday, probably because the Governor is shutting down the LIE at midnight. I’m less worried about the snow than the 45 MPH winds that could cause a power outage or knock down trees.

Earlier today, I pulled the generator out of the garage and ran a test to make sure it will be ready if we need it. That went fine, but if I have a choice, I’d prefer not to be running 30 amp lines into the house to power hot plates and heaters. Predictions are for 5-8″ of snow but I’m betting it will be closer to a foot. Either way, I won’t be running on the road tomorrow.

It was snowing this morning when I got up and I knew I’d be better off with an indoor workout. I love running in the snow, but not running in snow with cars. I’m working on a big project, so I focused on that while I waited for my wife to finish her treadmill run. Once she was done, I headed upstairs for my second run of the year.

Yesterday’s Hangover run was lots of fun. Being with friends and among a crowd of other runners helped distract me from the fact that we were running the same one mile loop over and over. Despite having the TV news for company, I found today’s treadmill session extremely tedious. I set the speed a little higher than normal, hoping that would get me through the workout faster.

I tried to imagine being out running the trails, rather than suffering through the unchanging view of my snowy backyard. When you run outdoors you can tune your mental state to the task ahead. A third of the way through my daily training run, I can visualize the roads that I’ll need to cover to complete my distance. On the treadmill, the first third is no different than the second. The only excitement comes at the end, when I usually increase my speed to the highest setting I can sustain over the last quarter mile.

The rest of the day was dedicated to my business project. I’m hoping to complete that by next Wednesday. Looking back on the day I’m realizing that a lot got done overall. But what’s still to do can’t be done until there’s enough snow on the driveway to shovel. I guess that’s what’s missing. But an upper body workout at 10 PM tonight might make this an even more productive day.

9 thoughts on “Head for the treadmills, here comes the snow!

  1. I actually did an upper body workout today. Arms, back and chest. I'm feeling it already. I'm hoping to get to Selden on Sunday, when it will be 41 degrees. By that time, hopefully most of the snow will have melted. I'm such an optimist.


  2. As you know, I've been enjoying the treadmill lately. I find that increasing the speed either every quarter mile or even earlier, maintaining at a 5k race pace for as long as you can, then decreasing the speed at the same intervals as you increased, makes the time go by quickly. Of course, this is coming from someone who doesn't own a treadmill. Probably running on one in my cruddy basement with the crickets on a regular might drive me to drink…more 😉


  3. I play with the speed and the inclines and it does distract me when I do that. If you close your eyes you can listen to the crickets and pretend you are running outside. Actually I don't recommend running on the treadmill with your eyes closed. Especially if you're also drinking.


  4. I just can't make myself to go on the \”dreadmill\” We have A LOT of snow this year so far. It's making it very difficult to run but I will chug on 🙂 Maybe I will give it a go, you have inspired me 🙂


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