Turn down the heat and turn up the speed


Today’s run (street): 3.25 miles

My joyful reunion with my neighborhood streets was mitigated by temperatures approaching 90° this morning. And that was at 7:00 AM. Still, it was good to be back on the road. It wasn’t too bad at the start, but that didn’t last. I had a modest distance goal, so I figured I could get through the increasingly hot and humid conditions. I looked for the shadiest roads and followed them whenever possible.

Despite my recent race, I haven’t been achieving very impressive training paces. Some of that is surely due to this heat wave, but I haven’t been running fast for a long time. As I ran today, I thought about people who are now training for the NY marathon. It’s one thing to get through a hot weather run on your own terms, but it’s a lot harder when you are following a prescribed schedule of tempo runs and intervals.

The heat should finally break over the next two days and I’m looking forward to that. Although I won’t be racing again until mid-August, I really have to up my game. Perhaps I can do some real training starting this weekend. I’m pretty much past my respiratory issues and ready to push the pace.

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