Independence Day run, but not quite as planned

Today’s route – Happy 4th!

Today’s run (street): 3.5 miles

For some reason, this entire week has felt like a weekend. I was in the city on Tuesday and the whole time I was there, I kept thinking it was Friday. It probably relates to having a holiday midweek, with everyone anticipating an early break and long weekend. Today feels like a Saturday and that’s fine with me. The weather is sunny, hot and humid. A perfect day for the pool.

After yesterday’s midday run, I thought I’d go out early to beat the heat. I did get up early, but I didn’t make my way outside until 9:30 AM, when the temperature and humidity were on the rise. I had considered heading to Stillwell Woods, where the tree cover helps block the sun. I like to do different types of runs on holidays and a trail run would have fit the bill. For practical reasons, I chose to stay in the neighborhood. So no early run and no interesting destination. Maybe tomorrow.

I did break up my usual route today, and that kept it moderately interesting. The weather was oppressive and I looked for shade wherever I could find it. I continue to deal with chest congestion that is finally breaking up and making me hopeful that I’m nearly through it. The downside to that is deep breathing prompts me to cough. Between that and the humidity, my time was sub-par. But a run is a run, and a good workout is valued, regardless of pace.

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