Hard to run and hard to start (talkin’ ’bout my generator)

Good reputation, but hard to start

Today’s run (treadmill): 3.2 miles

So much for running early today. Knowing that the temperature would exceed 90°s, I’d envisioned running the Bethpage bike path at sunrise. But the morning got busy and, before I knew it, it was past 8:00 AM. By then, the temperature had risen to the low 70’s and I considered going out for a run. After seeing on the news that a big storm is expected for Sunday, I needed to test the generator.

After five minutes of futility, my “high quality” generator failed to turn over. I bought this unit because the research said it’s a great unit. However, since we got it, starting it has been a problem. Without delay, my son and I took it to Home Depot to let Mike the technician look at it. I had to leave the generator behind and hoped it wouldn’t be an expensive service issue.

Somewhat helpful

I considered a neighborhood run when I returned home, but the weather was already past the point of bearable. I almost abandoned my plans for a workout entirely, but my wife said I’d regret that later. I took the opportunity to test a recently purchased cooling bandanna while I did a run on the treadmill. I figured that I could further optimize my cooling using the big fan.

I’d say that the bandanna was marginally helpful, but the heat and humidity were brutal. The protection from the sun and the breeze from the fan made the treadmill a good choice. I got through the run with little time to spare. We were getting together with some people right after lunch and I barely had time to cool off in the shower.

Later in the afternoon, Mike called and said, “Bad news, it’s going to be an expensive repair and it’s not covered by the warranty.” I was thrilled when he told me he was kidding. It was just $20 for labor, oil and additional gas. I hope the storm doesn’t materialize and that I can get in a decent run tomorrow. But if it does storm, at least I know the generator will start.

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