Running is great when you have fans


Yesterday’s run (treadmill): 25 minutes
Today’s run (street): 3.6 miles

Yesterday was the longest “work day” that I’ve experienced since leaving my company in February. It was a grind, especially due to the oppressive humidity and 80 degree temperatures. I covered a lot of miles on foot, wearing a wool suit and carrying a backpack. By my last meeting, I was a wet noodle. It’s hard to believe that, not so long ago, I was doing that on a daily basis.

Prior to yesterday’s trip into the city, I ran for 25 minutes on the treadmill. I knew I’d be covering a lot of ground during the day, but there’s a difference between running and walking and I wanted that aerobic workout. I used the powerful floor fan that I positioned directly in front of the treadmill and set to the maximum speed. That machine makes a big difference on hot days, and it provides much greater cooling than the fans that are built into the treadmill itself.

This morning I was determined to run outside and I prepared for the high heat and humidity. I wore my Craft running shirt that does a great job wicking and channeling sweat. I tried to be strategic about which roads to follow, preferring those with large areas of tree shade. I ended up covering more distance than I thought I would, because I’d planned to keep it to around three miles due to the heat. In the end I was pretty boiled, but I was happy to be running outside again. However, I did miss my fan.

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