An eight mile workout on top of another

Supremely lucky

Today’s workout (elliptical): 30 minutes + 8 mile walk

It’s another beautiful day in NYC, but I ended up doing my workout indoors this morning. No matter what, time always seems to influence action. I needed to make a mid-morning train and I’d squandered the early morning hours putting the final touches on my new business website. The elliptical made the most sense in terms of time efficiency, so I picked that over the road and the treadmill. If I’d known how much walking I would do today, I may have skipped my workout altogether.

My travels took me all around NYC today. With exception of a subway ride from Penn Station to Chamber Street, I walked up, down and all around. When I got back to Penn at the end of the day, my Fitbit showed 18K steps and 8 miles walked. My feet were fairly sore, but that’s what recovery shoes are for. I put on a pair the second I got home.

The purpose of my trip downtown was to visit the Manhattan County Clerk’s office at 60 Centre Street. I needed to do some legal work related to my new business. The Clerk’s office is located in the basement of the Supreme Court building, and it looks like it hasn’t been renovated since the 19th century. Seriously, go there and see for yourself.

It turned out that the filing (and its sizable fee) was unnecessary. Except for the cost of a subway ride, I came out well ahead. I walked from Centre Street to midtown, and eventually, back to Penn Station. Today showed that not every workout needs to involve aerobic intensity to make an impact. Sometimes it’s a matter of taking some steps – maybe eighteen thousand or so.

4 thoughts on “An eight mile workout on top of another

  1. Wow, I'll bet that was an interesting place to work. Were you on the legal team? Did you ever visit the County Clerk catacombs? If so, you'd have to agree that the subterranean level is ancient (but in a great way). I love that whole City Hall/Foley Square area. Wonder if I could get a job there as a Supreme Court justice…


  2. I was a paralegal there in one of the trial bureaus. It was the best job. An amazing experience. Morgenthau was the best there is, the new guy kind of stinks, so I've heard (Cy Vance, if you're following this blog, sorry. But the word on the street is \”You stink\”). All of those city offices are ancient and the people who worked in the clerks' offices were a hoot (not in a funny way). Those were the days…


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