Fast week, faster run

Green light, please proceed with speed

Today’s run (treadmill): 3.2 miles

This week is going by fast. I cannot believe tomorrow is Wednesday. Yesterday was a blur, involving much work that would contradict the notion that I have retired. The good news is that I’m liking the situation, especially since it only involves dealing with the Long Island Railroad a few times a week. Monday is my usual rest day, and I greatly disappointed my Fitbit by falling short of my daily goals by a substantial margin. I made up for that a little today.

The problem of not having a day that starts at 3:30 AM is that I end up having less day to work with. Even though I’m getting up at 5:30 AM now, my workouts and runs are colliding with morning commitments. Much of that is my own fault. Instead of rolling out of bed and then right out the door for a run, I’m taking time to have coffee, watch the news and see the kids off to school. At that point, it’s a competition to see if I can fit in a run before my first call, meeting, or appointment of the day.

This morning I had an early call, but I had the flexibility to push it forward enough to allow a treadmill run. It was sunny outside and the temperature was in the 40’s when I was ready to start. Even so, I stayed indoors to save the precious fifteen minutes I’d need to stay on schedule. Today’s run was a bridge workout, where I would introduce speed in a way that would protect my recovering hip.

I started at a pace close to where I finished on Sunday’s run, and started increasing my speed once I’d been running for 15 minutes. I’ve had no issues with my hip since last Friday and, after two pain-free runs, canceled my orthopedist appointment that was scheduled for this morning. Today felt like just another treadmill run and I think I can go a little more aggressively tomorrow. I hope I’m not fooling myself into thinking I’m healed when I’m not. Listening to my body helped me recover fairly quickly. Now it’s saying, “Go for it.”

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