A small step towards social running

Trying out the social thing

Today’s run (treadmill): 4.1 miles

After spending two long days practically connected to my laptop, I’m happy that the weekend is finally here. I am extremely grateful for all the good wishes I’ve received over the past few days and the many ideas presented by colleagues. The temptation to re-explore the working world is great, but I’ve also liked the extra 90 minutes of sleep I’ve the last two mornings. 

I’ve decided to consider participating in running club activities, starting with an event that is happening this weekend. I’m curious to see if a release from daily work stress will reverse my tendency towards social introversion. I already have plans to run with some friends who I haven’t been able to see because of my tight schedule. The prospect of doing this more is appealing. 

This morning, both of my kids did elliptical sessions while my wife did her daily treadmill run. I followed her on the treadmill today, rather than brave the 19° temperature outside. It’s going to feel like 17° with wind chill tomorrow morning, so I’ll just have to deal with it. I was proud of my kids for doing their workouts and I hope they stick with the program.

I still haven’t used the new elliptical yet, because I’ve been waiting for the AC adapter to arrive. The unit will work without power, but I need the console to control resistance and display data. I am looking forward to using the machine and getting the upper body exercise that I can’t get from running.

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