Late start, stiff winds and some different roads to run

Today’s run (street): 5.25

It took a while, but I finally got myself out the door for a run this morning. All week long I’d looked forward to getting a couple of extra hours sleep. I slept well last night and still got up up relatively early. Somehow the time slipped by and I found myself standing outside at 9:30 AM, waiting for my Garmin to acquire its signal.

I wasn’t thrilled to do another weekend run in the neighborhood, but my procrastination had limited my options. My plan was to run a nearby loop and then head over to neighborhood #2. I set off running north and quickly encountered stiff winds coming from that direction. The weather report said that these winds would make it feel like 27 degrees and they were right. A slight change in direction made a huge difference. Without the wind, the warming sun made it quite pleasant.

Before long, I was running through the southern neighborhood, battling headwinds in one direction and appreciating the tailwinds when going the other way. Halfway through, I checked my distance and saw that I hadn’t made as much progress as I’d liked for the time I’d been running. I picked up my speed from there and finished within acceptable range for my overall pace.

It’s supposed to be even colder tomorrow so I’ll need to give some thought as to where I might run. It was nice to get out of the neighborhood today for a slight change of scenery. Perhaps I’ll find a more interesting route tomorrow.

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