Family run at the Nissequogue River Turkey Trot

Scene at the finish line

Today’s run (Nissequogue River 5K Turkey Trot): 3.1 miles

It’s Thanksgiving and, for the third year in a row, the Emerging Runner family ran in the Nissequogue River State Park Turkey Trot. It’s an event that draws a big crowd. With some races canceled due to hurricane Sandy, even more people gathered for the race. Me and my daughter ran the course and my wife and son walked it.

Clearing the path before the Fun Run

After the 1K Fun Run for kids that was led by a guy dressed head to toe in a turkey costume, we all made our way toward the starting line. The race is not very well organized and the start often runs late. Much of that is due to the high number of race day registrants who are still in line at gun time. Today the start was only six minutes late, which was a nice surprise.

The size of the crowd prevents any fast running at the start, but it worked fine for me and my daughter. We fell into an easy pace as we made our way along the first, mostly uphill, mile. It’s a different experience running easy during a race instead of pushing for a PR. I enjoyed having my daughter by my side and we were happy to reach the turnaround at the halfway point of the race. We saw my wife and son, who were moving along briskly, on the other side.

The last mile is mostly downhill and we cruised along until we reached the finish line. My wife and son came in about six minutes later and we quickly headed to our car. The exit line from the race gets backed up fast and we needed to get home in time to shower, change and head to our Thanksgiving dinner.

The rest of the day was spent with family and we’re all a little beat, but it was great to participate in a race as family. Tomorrow I’ll go out for a nice long run and burn off some calories from today’s feast.

4 thoughts on “Family run at the Nissequogue River Turkey Trot

  1. My wife, daughter and I ran Nissequogue today. A bit crowded but nice weather. First time I ran this course and it was a challenge. Tough first mile, not easy to find a rhythm.


  2. I ran the Nissequogue Turkey Trot as well, and definitely agree with you that it was a little disorganized. I definitely think enforcing some sort of \”faster runners at the front, walkers at the back\” like a lot of other races do would be useful, especially since this race seems to be getting bigger from year to year. Would definitely run it again though – the scenery was beautiful!


  3. I'll admit that we gathered closer to the front than we should have, but after all that waiting we were anxious to start. But you're right, there should be a section in front for the speedier runners. It is a beautiful and interesting course and, as long as you're not looking to be competitive, a really fun event.


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