Observing transformation on my morning run

Today’s run (street): 2.5 miles

One day can make a dramatic difference. During my run this morning I saw that most of the downed trees were removed some time yesterday. Some scary looking wires, artfully draped over a busy road for the past two weeks, were back up on their poles. The streets were clear of residual brush, and it looked like we’d never even had a hurricane.

This morning was colder than yesterday, but only by a few degrees. I wore my prized City Sports running pants and a lightweight 1/4 zip top with an short sleeve jersey over it. This combination worked well for the near freezing weather. Had I run longer, or pushed myself harder, I would have felt overheated. I ended up covering my route a minute slower than yesterday, although the effort seemed about the same.

I’m thinking about this weekend’s running and I was disappointed to see that the New York State Parks website said that, besides the clubhouse, tennis facilities and golf courses, “Other areas of the park will remain closed until further notice.” I need to find an alternative to Bethpage for my long weekend runs. Perhaps I’ll head to Stillwell Woods tomorrow to do some trail running. It’s been a long time since I’ve gone off road and I really miss that experience.

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