Running election scenarios on the treadmill

Today’s run (treadmill): 25 minutes

This is a running blog and not a platform for my views on politics. However, today’s treadmill run had me thinking about the scenarios that would play out based on the results. In an effort to get going on my run as quickly as possible, I resisted the temptation to flip on the TV or look at my smartphone to see the election outcome. So at 3:45 AM I was distracting myself from my run, wondering whether we’d have a new president or a shift in the control of Congress or the Senate.

I finished my run by 4:10 and a few minutes later I had my answers. I’ll admit that I was pleased with the results, and especially happy that both Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock lost their respective races. That’s not a partisan view, plenty of my Republican friends feel the same way as me. 
My positive perspective from the election and a pretty good treadmill run was dashed when I reached my local train station. I discovered that the train that I’d planned to make was canceled due to equipment problems. That meant a half hour’s wait in the cold, followed by a train packed like sardines. 
It’s day nine and still no power to my home, long lines at gas stations and the LIRR running on a “modified” schedule. But in the long run, everything will return to normal. Although for the LIRR, normal is never all that great.

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