Still no power, but the running hasn’t stopped

Gas lines: the downside of using generators

Today’s run (street): 5.4 miles

It’s day three in our temporary home and our quality of life between today and last Friday morning is measurable. We stopped back at the house to get some needed items and though we hoped to find the power restored, our house was still dark and cold. We are probably (at least) three days away from getting our power back. That’s created some strain on the gasoline supply and we saw long lines of people queuing up to fill portable gas containers (above).

I’m concerned about having a much longer commute to work tomorrow. At least I’ll have a hot shower to start me off. I certainly appreciated having hot showers after the three runs I have done since we’ve relocated to “The Greens.” This morning I went out with a plan to cover about five miles. Just for fun, I decided to run yesterday’s route in the opposite direction.

The temperature was in the mid-30’s when I started out, but my City Sports running pants and two layers on top kept me comfortable throughout my run. I felt strong from the start and maintained that energy as I made my way through the neighborhood. The hills were in different locations today, but the net elevation was the same. When I returned to the house, my mother-in-law presented me with a couple of slices of challah french toast, fresh off the griddle.

The work week starts tomorrow and I hope that the trains are running on time. I’ll probably do some treadmill runs over the next few days. With any luck, we’ll be back in our house before the end of the week.

6 thoughts on “Still no power, but the running hasn’t stopped

  1. I hope you get your power soon. Our lights came back on Saturday evening. I got some runs in this week and even a 10k race today. It sure helps to relieve the stress. Keep running…


  2. Paul – Hope the race went well. Did you run Seeds of Hope? Running has helped me deal with the stress of the power outage, now 7 days and counting. AG – After four days being cold, powerless and in the dark, I've traded up greatly. But if I keep having french toast after every run I'll need to step up my mileage!


  3. Yes, it was the Seeds of Hope. They sent out an email midweek saying the race was still on and that they were collecting clothing for Long Islanders affected by the storm. We had a few items in good condition that we were glad to donate. It was a small race but the amount of clothes that the runners brought was impressive.


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